Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Time!

Saturday evening we all went to walk on the trail off Old Madison Pike across from Little MA. We have gone there several times before, but this time was especially enjoyable! There was a lot of 'nature' for the kids to see, and the weather was nice! We passed cows and horses. We looked for bugs. Along the trail there's a river/ditch/whatever that flows, and because of the storms the current was swift. We pulled off the trail at a point where there was a little bit of white water to let the kids throw rocks and just look!

We started picking up rocks and under one we found a worm!! Cool!

Like father, like son!

This is Lawson's "Rock-Skipping 101" class... :)

Nice form! :)

She's getting bigger and bigger! Notice the Dora "Bub-O's" that now go with us EVERYWHERE!

I just love this picture. We were almost back to the van, nearing the end of the trail, and Jordan reached up and wanted to hold Jon's hand! This picture melts my heart! :)


Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Looks like you had some great family time. I cannot believe how much your kids are growing. I MISS YOU too!! I agree that we definately need to do some serious hanging out when you get back. I did enjoy getting to hang out with your little one in the nursery two weeks ago ;) Take care and have a safe trip!!


Looks like a good time! I'm so excited about the weather getting prettier and being able to do things outside. I love the picture of Jordan holding Jon's hands. It's so sweet! I love when our kids do that with us. :) Hope you have a good time in Michigan! I'll be praying for a safe trip for ya'll.

James and Dana said...

Such good pictures!! Your kids are so wonderful, growing like crazy!! I feel like it wasn't long ago when you had her!!! I love the daddy daughter picture too!!!