Friday, March 14, 2008

A Lot of Recent Pictures!

So...I haven't posted in a while!! As a matter of fact, I haven't done much on the internet lately... I've briefly browsed through blogs, and I've checked my email, but haven't done much else. I am going crazy trying to plan our trip to Michigan. I am leaving either next Tuesday or Wednesday and won't be back until the NEXT Monday (like, almost TWO weeks!) Whoah!!!

Also, Jon's mom was here again this past week trying to help me finish up a project. She's been awesome--sewing like CRAZY!!! :)

Anyways...I just talked to my dad today and he just got the internet!!! SO...I'm going to post several of our most recent pics for him...probably will be lengthy but not too wordy! :)

Lately Lawson's been very interested in what he wants to be when he grows up. He's been talking about "learning how to be a baseball player". Today, his shirt had a surfer on it and he asked me what a surfer was. I looked up a video on YouTube and showed him, then he asked me if he could be a surfer when he grew up. Here's a pic of him after we had been playing baseball in the front yard.

We went for a walk one night--the day had been pretty mild but it got very cool that night! We decided sitting still in the stroller could become pretty cold, so here's one of J in her winter gear!

I've never posted our house--we've lived here over a year!!! Here are some recent springtime shots. Notice the GAZILLION trees!

Our backyard

Who doesn't have a friendly crocodile in the backyard?

I laid down on my back and took this picture!

Today we spent some time outside blowing BUB-O's (according to Jordan!). Here are some pics I snapped...I am especially proud of the one w/ the bubble over J's face! I think it's pretty cool! is the first day she wore her new sandals...and of course she spilled almost a whole bubble bottle right in them!!! Sorry Nana! :)


Jamey said...

Thanks for the updates...I've been missing you guys.

Yeah for the trip! Any special reason, or just a fun visit?

Jason said...

You laid on your back to take that picture?

You're funny.

Stacy said...

Yes...I did... I wanted the perspective to make the trees look as tall as possible b/c they are SOOOO tall in real life. I was afraid that the 5 feet between where the camera was when i was standing and where it was down by the ground would make a difference.

So there. Glad I made you laugh. :)

p.s. not on the DIRT. on a sidewalk.