Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A-Fishing We Will Go!

We have been spending a lot of time in the great Alabama outdoors! Jon has been promising Lawson when it gets warm he'll take him fishing...This weekend it was rainy so Monday was the day!!! If you'll recall their last fishing trip, it was FREEZING cold. I was ready for them to get to really enjoy fishing.

Lawson LOVED the worms!!

Of course...what was Jordan doing??? BUB-Os!!!
(not her best pic!)

My family

Jordan was NOT glad to be going when we were all done!!!


Sunny said...

Looks like you guys have enjoyed lots of great times together. I just wish that the weather was like this all the time.


Lawson looks like such a big boy in these pictures with the sunglasses and hat on. Looks like fun for him and Jon.

Jamey said...

They're both growing up so fast! I love the pictures from the previous post too.

Alisha said...

I looks like you guys have had a lot of good family time together! We really miss you guys. Hurry home from your trip. : )