Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Can you hear them? It's the Hallelujah chorus singing for me!!

For the last 6-7 weeks I have hardly been able to walk. When I walk, it has been with much pain. My already lacking housework has dwindled to almost non-existent. Exercise or walking? Nope. Well, I finally went to the Dr 2 weeks ago. After sending me for x-rays, we determined I had a heel spur and tendonitis. Doc told me wear lace up shoes, get leather heel cups with a hole to relieve pressure on the sore spot, take FOUR Aleve a day...worked minimally and temporarily.

Well, yesterday I went back for a check-up/re-eval. We decided I needed an injection if I didn't want to go 4 more months just waiting to see if it would get better!!! FOUR MORE MONTHS! Doc! I can hardly walk! This doesn't fit with what I have to do! My feet only get about 6 hours of rest a day, and those aren't even in a row!

So a shot it was! I had made arrangements to take the kids to a friend's house, but Jordan woke up sick from her nap so I just decided to take them with me. This put even more pressure to not act like a wimpy baby when he was stabbing me with the icepick, er, needle! First a (so he said) little shot of anesthetic to make the big shot not hurt. As much. Holy CaShmoly! Man that sucker hurt! Pretty sure I wimpered a little.

Well, I just got back from my paper route. 5:45 am right here...I am headed up the stairs...but I needed to let the world wide web know that MY FOOT DOESN'T HURT!!!

Hallelujah!! Thank you Lord! (And thank you Doc!) :)



I am soooo... glad it's better! I kept meaning to ask, but kept forgetting when I saw you. I bet the shot was so painful. I guess temporary pain is worth getting it better. Glad you're walking good again!

Brooke said...

Your poor poor foot. Glad it's beter now. I know how annoying foot pain can be.