Friday, June 20, 2008

Week in Review...

It has been busy around here! Last week Jon graciously did the route THREE days in a row for me! I was able to sleep all night and feel rested during the daytime! Man, though, it sure was hard to go back to getting up!

Jordan came down with a fever last Tuesday morning and kept it until Thursday night. Thursday afternoon I took her to the Dr and he said she had a viral tonsillitis with puss and infection all over her throat. She was pitiful for a couple days... Thank goodness it wasn't long before she was full of energy and back to her old self! :)

I spent some time doing a painting for a friend last week, so Lawson started begging me to let him paint too. It's also the first time Jordan has really painted 'right' too...they made some beautiful works of art!

Father's Day was neat b/c the kids both took Jon a gift...They were very excited to give him their offerings and we all spent a nice day together.

Here's Jon and me...but I don't have my makeup on yet...I usually put it on in the car on the way to church!

Here's a picture of a picture I had printed for Jon's Father's Day. It was a snapshot from the photographer who did their team tee-ball pics. I called her and ordered it in 8x10 for his office. Pretty sure it may be copyrighted, so I will reference her...It's Candace Sanderson, a Huntsville photographer who is very sweet and got some great shots of the kids. If you are interested in calling her I have her card.

The other day Lawson was getting himself dressed and Jordan thought she should do the same. She already had her clothes on, so she reached onto the chair (where the MAJORITY of our clothing sits and waits to be folded) and grabbed a pair of my undies. She then tried to put it on herself and got frustrated when it was all tangled up. Tickled me! :)

The other night we spent some fun time outside after dinner. We played ball and tag, drew on the driveway then topped it off with catching lightning bugs. The kids loved this! Jon caught several for them and we even put some in a jar...

It looks like we had a playdate then a massive crime scene, I know...but fear's just MULTIPLE Lawsons and Jordans!! I drew them once, and it turned into their favorite thing! Now we're just waiting for it to rain so we can draw again!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Sunny said...

I love your pictures! It looks like you all had a great week!

Amy said...

ya'll have so much fun together!! it' nice reading about all your family inspire me!!