Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok everyone! I need advice. I know a lot of you who read may not be at the point of being able to help me yet, but let me ask anyways...

Jon's parents have graciously offered to buy the kids a playset for the back yard. I want to get a nice wooden one, but they are SOOO expensive! I have been looking and researching, and I think that I can piece one together then draw and design it for Jon. He's so good at building things that he'll be able to build whatever I ask for--we'll just buy the wood separate and uncut (which will save mone) and he'll assemble it (which will save money) and I think we'll be able to have a pretty nice one for cheaper than buying a pre-made set.

So...advice...if your family has a playset or swing set....which add-ons/toys do your kids play with most? Which are a waste of money/space? What would you recommend... I'm thinking slides, swings, see-saws, ropes, cargo nets, rock walls, etc...I want things that will be fun for now, but will also be fun and challenging as the kids get a little older...

Some of you have friends or family who have older kids...maybe you could ask them...Anyways...any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks! :)


Bethany said...

Okay. I am a wiz at this! I have helped on two "set designs." One for church and one for...well another church (but it's my kid's school.). The one thing that we can't have enough of are SWINGS! Also, a tube slide is good if you can find one. I have noticed that the cargo net thing ususally isn't played on and gets ratty after a little time in the elements. When your kids get a little older they may like the disk swing...Tatum likes it but still has a hard time getting on. A slanted rock wall is ususally pretty good. If you can get a "see-saw-swing" both the kids could play on it. (Mine will stay on it for hours!) I hope this helps some! Good luck and post pictures when you get it all done!
(We may all have to get Jon to build us one!)

tube slide
disk on a rope
slanted rock wall

Alisha said...

We just got ours this summer and we are really enjoying it. The main thing that Will enjoys is the swings. I would build it so that you have enough room for at least 3 because Will always wants me to swing with him. (2 for kids, 1 for you) He also enjoys the swing and rock wall (daddy has to help him climb up it). I love that it has a little picnic table and sandbox build underneath it. He hasn't used those as much this summer but I think they will be a big hit as he gets older.