Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Fun

We are loving summer so far!! We've been playing with friends, playing outside, eating lots of picnics and really having a lot of fun! Here are some recent pics....

The other day we went to Dublin Park. On the way, we saw this cloud with 'silver lining'. Isn't it pretty?
Both of my kids LOVE to swing! Here's Jordan being a big girl on the tire swing.

Jon taught Lawson how to do the fireman's pole. Daddy helped once, then Lawson could do it by himself over and over. I can't belive my little boy is big enough to do this!

After playing at the park we went over to the soccer fields. Both kids love to run up and down the field, and Lawson is really good at kicking and running. Plus...it's good exercise and they were PLENTY tired that night!! :)

We got this fun sprinkler a couple weeks ago for the kids to play in in the front yard. Lawson LOVES it--Jordan, um, not so much!

This is what her face looks like when she's running up to me yelling NOOOOOOO after she gets splashed!

A couple Sundays ago our Sunday school class had a picnic at Monte Sano. We had a great time visiting then letting the kids play at the park. This toy reminds me of the park I played on in my childhood!

The kids loved the see-saws!! Jordan needed a little help getting Lawson lifted up into the air, but they both had fun!

Sweet girl...

I love this boy! :)

And our fun big news....we got a little pool for the yard, and it's not even that little! We have been outside splashing every day for a week now--how much fun is this??? Until last night Jordan wouldn't get in, she'd just walk up to the side and splash. She still got soaking wet...just wouldn't get in!

It's pretty big! At first I put it in our front yard b/c I like to sit on the porch and watch the kids play. However, for a few reasons I moved it to the back that night. One, I don't want the grass up front to die. Second, I don't want the neighborhood spying if I decide I want to put on my suit and get in too. Thirdly, and probably most important....Our neighbors just won the "Yard of the Month" sign last week. They are out there raking and watering and mowing and blowing every day. I'm PRETTY SURE that last Thursday morning when they woke up and saw the pool that I wasn't mistaking the loud "WHITE TRASH" that they tried to muffle under their fake coughs!!!!!! :)

Last week some of our friends came to play at our neighborhood park.

Swinging fun

Lawson and Will--both in yellow shirts and red cheeks!


Jason said...

I hate people who win "Yard of the Month".

Stacy said...

What part of I Corinthians is that in??? :)

Jason said...

Must be in 3rd Corinthians! :)


Cute pictures! Looks like ya'll are having a blast outside like we are. We have a big shark pool that's fun, but it has a small hole so we have to keep pumping it up every time we use it. Oh well...I love that big pool ya'll have. That's great! Sad that we missed the park day last week. Alisha was saying that it's a great park. I'll have to start taking my kids over there some...I'll let you know if we go. :)

Alisha said...

We had so much fun with you guys! I need to get copies of your pictures from the day. I always seem to forget my camera. I would love to use some of the pictures to update the photos on my friends page of my blog. Thanks again for inviting us!