Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It really is MAGIC!!!

I must say...after a looooong time of completely neglecting the inside of my van, I gave her a good cleanin' today!! There were many newspaper ink stains, on the doors, on the dash, on the console, on the leather and on the armrests. I could not get them off. Then I thought, "What do I do when I can't get something clean on the inside of my house, Stacy?" And I told myself, "I use my Magic Eraser to see if it will come off..." So... I listened to myself and tried it. Let me tell you--I wouldn't believe it if I did not see the change myself, and I wish my battery had had enough power to take before and after pictures. That thing really is magic!

I have used it to remove impossible stains on walls, floors, counters...Do you use it? What has it worked its "magic" on for you?


Jamey said...

You are the one that introduced me to the magic. I don't ever let the eraser run out without having a backup ready! It sort of makes you wonder might be in it to work so well on EVERYTHING!

Joy said...

With boys who love to get dirty, this invention is truly MAGICal for getting rid of the ever-present nastiness in their tubs. It is definitely my favorite cleaning product, of course I would like it a whole lot more if someone else was using it to clean my house. Hey, a girl can always dream :-)

Sunny said...

I will definitely have to give this a try. I've heard all the rave, now I just need to go out and invest! I have lots of "spots" that need a good eraser!

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Dana said...

I had these horrible white spots on my black refrigerator that I could not get off. I have NO CLUE what they were maybe spilled milk but if that were the case you would of thought that scrubbing at the spots for several hours and trying bleach, Lysol,and my fingernails would have gotten it up. But negative it did not and finally walking thru the store one day getting more cleaning supplies I saw the magic sponge and thought maybe maybe I will try that and to my astonishment it did infact with its magical touch clean those white spots off of my black refrig so Yay!!

Alisha said...

I have not tried it yet but is sounds like something that I need to add to my bucket of cleaning supplies. Does anyone out there have anything that removes baby food spit up stains? They are driving me crazy!

Bethany said...

Baseboard!!! NOt that I clean baseboards often, but occasionally I like to get the scuffs, fingerprints, etc. off of them. Just a little swipe of the magic eraser and they are gone!

I have also used them for:
*removing paint splatters off the
floor (not wood though!!)

*Fridge door handles that have that weird texture on them.

*Scuff marks off of dress shoes (and the regular dirt disappears too! Bonus!)

*I use it on the mirrors in the bathrooms to get the toothpaste splatters first then I use regular windex cleaner.

*Shower doors to get the "grime" off easily.

*Armrests in the car!!! :)

*Bad attitudes off my children...well maybe not, but it would be nice!

And to get baby spit up out of clothes, I would try Dawn dishsoap or the Orange Clean scrub stuff. (It takes the "Grease out of your way! :))It sometimes worked for me, but sometimes it was a lost cause and I had to toss the shirt!

the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

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