Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Little Piggies

I am expecting my kids to grow out of their clothes at any moment. The reason for this is that I CANNOT fill them up! This week, all they do is eat, eat, eat!!! They get up and ask for breakfast. Then an hour later they ask for snack. Then an hour later they are ready for lunch! All day, they ask for food!! It's CRAZY!! I had to post about today's lunch.
This morning for breakfast Jordan ate a bowl of Cheerios, some apple and a fruit bar. Lawson had a whole apple and most of a poptart. An hour and a half later, they each ate a bagful of grapes as a snack while I was at the gym. An hour and a half later we were eating lunch. I asked them if they wanted a grilled cheese OR a hot dog. They wanted BOTH. Seriously?? So, I made their lunch while they played, then called them down. Here's what was on their plates: a whole grilled cheese sandwich, a whole hot dog (and some ketchup), 4 baby carrots (and some ranch), a half of a banana and a small handful (8-10) of pretzels.

This is what they DID NOT eat:


Jenna said...

Wow. That is CRAZY!! haha!

(By the way, I have re-entered the blogging world. I shall be visiting you here often.) :)

Sunny said...

Craziness! I couldn't stop Joshua from eating everything in site last night after church!

My kids have days like that, and then they won't eat a couple of meals. My biggest fear will be feeding my boys during the teenage years! YIKES!!!

Thanks for playing along on my blog! :)


Holy cow! Your kids can eat. Noah's definitely my big eater around here...Jordan needs to teach Abbie and Bailey a few things about eating. :)

Jamey said...

Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich....

Good thing we'll have a feast here next week!!!!