Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Church

The other morning I was getting some things done, so I told the kids they would just have to go play nicely in the playroom. There were some crackers left on the table after the previous night's soup dinner, and Jordan had swiped a couple of them. A little bit later I heard them talking about Big Church and the Lord's Supper and remembering His body and singing some Lord's Supper song they had made up. I peeked in, and they were passing the cracker back and forth taking off bites. They told me they were playing Lord's Supper, like we do in Big Church. They ran out of crackers, so I gave them a few more and a plate to put them on. Watching them follow the example they see each week delighted me.

And, of course, I had to snap a picture...because who hasn't played Lord's Supper when they were little?

I can only hope and pray that one day I will see them participate and commune, realizing the full meaning of our weekly action. And I will delight in the peace and gratitude that moment will bring as well.
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