Saturday, April 11, 2009

Go Fish

All week Jon and Lawson had been planning on going fishing tonight after Jon came home from work. We thought the plans would have to be scrapped b/c of the storms that were headed our way, but they were cleared out by 3! Lawson was so excited when he got up from his nap and I told him that when Daddy got home they were going fishing!

Lawson caught his first fish this afternoon!!! Jon said he reeled it in all by himself! You can see it hanging right above the tackle box:

Here's the little fisherman with his first big catch:

I love that Jon takes the time to do things with all of us, but especially Lawson! I know that Lawson will grow up with fond memories of time well spent with his Daddy!
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Amy said...

how fun! we took the boys fishing for the first time a couple of weeks ago, they had a blast! where did they go to fish? hope ya'll have a great Easter weekend!


Fun! I couldn't believe the weather cleared up and the sun actually came out last night. I'm glad they got to go. :)

Jamey said...

Tell the little man we're proud of him for his first catch! How exciting!

Alisha said...

I'm so glad the guys got to go fishing! Will loves to go fishing with his daddy and talks about it every Sunday on our way to church. Such special memories for our boys.

Sunny said...

What a great catch!!! Way to go Lawson!