Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Muddy Buddies

Saturday was beautiful weather here--near 80 with bright sunshine! I worked out in the yard all morning while Jon cooked lunch for the church work day, then when he got home we did some yardwork together. We started the process of re-planting some azaleas that we potted last fall. Lawson woke up from his nap in the middle of it and of course he wanted to help!! When we were filling up the huge hole we had dug with water to plant our bush, splashed around in it. Then, when we were putting the dirt back in the hole, making ridiculously gucky mud, Lawson stepped into the hole and sunk as if it were quicksand!!! He was in up to his knees, and the suction made him not be able to get out! Jon had to pull him out by his arms and his crocs stayed in! That meant the boys had to dig down that far with their hands to find them!!! I was groaning....but these boys loved it! :)
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Joy said...

What fun...that looks so familiar :)


Yuck! Lawson looks like he's having a blast! :)