Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting there...

Lawson has been writing his name for a while. This pic is from a couple months ago. Just wanted to post for all to see. We are working on writing on straight lines!! And not turning "E's" into ladders! For the longest time, he had no interest in learning how to write much of was very frustrating! He also didn't have much interest in coloring or drawing... Lately, though, he can't get enough. He is always asking how to spell words so he can write them, and practicing. His favorite thing to use is dry erase boards and makers. I never pushed him when he didn't want to do it, but now that he is all about it, I'm all about helping him! He is getting better and better at writing all of his letters, and I'm so proud of him!

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Jamey said...

What a sweetie! So proud of him!

Avery stopped making ladders out of her 'e' when she figured out to do the top line first, then the bottom line, then only one in the middle. She had fun counting and saying, "Top! Bottom! Middle!" Love all the different learning styles.