Monday, November 16, 2009

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, To Harding U we go...

A few weeks back, one of our favorite teens came up to Jon and asked him if we were up for a trip to Searcy. Betsy wanted to go see her sister Britney, (who is one of our favorite used-to-be-teen college students) who is a sophomore at Harding University. She knew we LOVE Harding, and would take her if we could.

It turned out that Jon didn't have free time to make a trip, but the kids and I called her to let her know when the greyhound (aka, our van) was leaving. I picked her up right after school on Thursday and we were off... Ahhh....sisters... :)

Well, Britney and Betsy had fun plans to hang out all weekend, and I was looking forward to visiting with lots of dear friends. The kids and I were staying with Kevin and Cindy, our good friends we met while we were college students attending Highway Church of Christ.

After some late night visiting and catching up Thursday night, the kids and I got up and went spend the morning at Harding. I saw some old professors, and told the kids about how much some of the landmarks on campus mean to their Daddy and me.
In front of the big ol' Benson
We ate lunch at my most favorite restaurant ever (b/c of the memories) with Britney and Betsy, then that afternoon we headed down to Little Rock to meet up with my 5-year roomie and one of my best friends Lynnette. We were planning on heading down together to South Arkansas to visit one of our other suities, Cody. It wasn't a long evening of visiting, but it was so fun to catch up with dear friends while my kids and Cody's two kids started to know each other.
Lynnette and I headed back to her home in LR and we stayed up til the wee hours talking, catching up, and remembering old times. Truly, even though distance has spread us out, I treasure our friendship more and more as the years pass.
Saturday morning we slept in, then went out for lunch before the kids and I headed back to Kevin and Cindy's. They were going to a bonfire with their Heart Group and invited us to go. It was fun to relax and visit with several old friends from church.
Of course, Sunday was wonderful as we worshipped at Highway, which was our church home during our entire dating and engagement, as well as the beginning of our marriage. From the time the first song started til the closing prayer and going to class, I felt so at-home that it was as if I had never left. Even after 6 1/2 years away, I still feel homesick when I am at Highway. It was wonderful walking through the building waving and hugging old friends and introducing them to the kids.

After a filling lunch we headed back to the house to get packed up before heading home. Can I just tell you for a minute how much Jon and I love Kevin and Cindy and their boys. Their family was there for us during the entirety of our relationship. They have been friends, inspiration, advice, fun. They mean the world to us, and they are part of the reason I still miss being there. When Cindy introduces us to others, she says, "This is Jon and Stacy. They were in our first group of college kids. They got married; We loved 'em; Then they moved away and had our grandkids in Alabama!" I love this sweet picture of Jordan and Cindy.
I cannot tell you how special it was to see their twin boys Logan and Dylan wrestling with our kids in the floor. When we were in college, and the boys were 2-5, Jon would come over and wrestle them. Crazy now that they're eleven and wrestling our kids.
And pillow fighting...
And learning how to be country boys...
Here are the "little boys", as Cindy always calls them. Hard to believe they're so big. And so darn cute.
Just for kicks I included this picture of the boys with Lawson the first time they came to visit after Lawson was born. This was June of 2005.
And here is a shot of Logan and Dylan with Lawson and Jordan.
It was a great weekend for me to spend some time with one of our sweet teenagers, my kids, and so many friends....Remembering old times and making new memories...

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