Monday, November 30, 2009

Setting up Christmas, 2009

As always, we came home from spending a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at Kenny and Jamey's and pulled down our Christmas decorations out of the attic. The kids were so excited this year--they really wanted to help with everything.

I cleared a place in our playroom, because last year our living room was just so crowded with the tree in it. This is where I thought it would go, but turns out that our tree was even bigger than I remembered it. We ended up having to rearrange the entire room to make room for it!
I wonder what the tree would have ended up like if we had let them continue without any direction... a little uneven, maybe?

With the tree in its new official spot, the corner, the real construction gets underway.
Examining their work and seeing how neat the inside of a Christmas tree looks...
Oh, to be that little again...
The kids really loved pulling out all the ornaments that had their names on them this year. Everytime somebody came in our house, they would try to bring them over to show them their ornaments. It was a great evening to kick off our Christmas season.

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