Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year we were so excited to get to spend another Thanksgiving with our dear friends Kenny and Jamey down in Montgomery. Our kids were also super excited that we were going to play with Avery and Braden! It was an exciting weekend of playing, eating, shopping and sleeping. Here's the recap:

Look how big our little girls have gotten! They really had so much fun playing and dressing up together!

Here is the cooking queen!! Jamey always does an amazing job preparing yummy ham, turkey, noodles and gravy! This is her with an action 'stirring-the-gravy' shot!
I took the meat off of the turkey while Jamey made the gravy. I did the best I could, even though I have never done this before and I don't like bones! Jamey turned around and told me I did a good job, and I told her that if Jon came and saw it he would tell me how much good meat I left on there. Well...Jon came in about 10 minutes later and immediately started picking off of the bones and asked me how come I didn't take off all the meat!
Here's the yummy spread of meats, vegetables, macaroni, dressings and desserts. SO YUM!
This was our first year to have an officially 'kid's table'. They are all finally big enough to pretty much eat a meal unassisted by us. That means they can talk about the silliness they want to talk about and we get to have adult conversations again! :)
After the kids finished eating they went in the living room and started throwing their toy snakes up in the air trying to catch them on the fan blades. It was pretty funny watching them try to get them up there...Because I have a piddly little camera, you'll have to believe me that the blurry spot between Jordan and the fan is her snake flopping through the air!
Got it! :)
"Can I have some boots like this?"
Early mornings are definitely worth it on Black Friday...for the deals and the memories!

How many kids does it take to drive a stick pony?
Playing outside on a brisk fall day is a great way to spend the afternoon!

What's a visit with the Simpson's without a visit to Steak and Shake? :)
4 big kids walkingto church on Sunday morning...
I hope our friends will grow up to be friends for life!
It was so great to spend a Thanksgiving holiday with some friends that we are so thankful for. I am thankful for the friendship that has grown over the years, and I pray that it only gets stronger!

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