Monday, December 14, 2009

Lawson at 5

It's hard to believe my little boy is five. He really is such a good, kind-hearted, sweet boy. He's a great brother to Jordan, and they play together so well. Lawson loves to play outside--jumping on the trampoline, riding his bike, swinging and climbing. This past summer he finally learned how to get himself going on a swing, so now he loves being able to go outside and swing himself whenever he wants. He rode training wheels all last summer, and he is dying to try to ride without them, like a big boy, this spring.

The doctor says he's healthy as a horse. Weighing in at almost 42 pounds (50th %ile), and 44 inches tall (75th %ile), our pediatrician said he's on pace to be right at 6 feet tall. At his 4 year well check, the projection was about 5'10", so I guess he had a growth spurt this year!

This past year he had so much fun playing his second year of t-ball with several of his friends from church. He also played soccer for the first time. I really thought he would love it because he loves to run. He did love the running was just the kicking the ball that he never got the hang of! He said that he doesn't want to play spring soccer, but he does want to do t-ball again.

Lawson still loves church and Bible class. He is doing a great job at Bible Memory Challenge--he memorizes things so well. He gets so excited to tell us what his story was about in class, and as always he loves his teachers! He is still a singer too--he doesn't have any stage fright, and knows the words to more songs than I can count.

We have been doing a little bit of Pre-K work...still not sure what we're going to do come Fall. Lawson is doing great with the things I've given him--he's such a quick learner. He is doing great with learning all the letter sounds and higher numbers. He has just started being able to read (with some help on irregulars) a few Level 1 readers. Everything he sees now he is trying to sound out, or remember how to spell. He loves to practice writing the words he knows how to spell. For me, it is just so refreshing to see how excited he gets when he learns new things. It is also interesting learn how he handles the frustration he sometimes experiences when he gets stumped. I truly feel blessed to have spent his first five years with him--enjoying, loving, nurturing and teaching him.

Lately Lawson has also really been enjoying getting to do some big boy stuff with his Daddy. They have enjoyed shooting BB guns, watching some football and movies, playing guitars, shooting bows and arrows and working out in Jon's shop. I am so thankful for the time that they get to spend together--I know that Lawson will grow up cherishing these memories that Jon is making with him.

My prayer for Lawson continues to be the same--that he will continue to grow in all areas of his life. I pray that he will continue to be a strong healthy boy who loves Jesus. I pray that he will grow into a strong Christian man who makes a difference in the kingdom of God.

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