Saturday, December 12, 2009

So so so sick...

December is always a busy month. We always are coming back from a fabulous Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, getting ready for Lawson's birthday festivities then celebrating Christmas. The last thing I ever need is for someone to get sick. Let alone, if I get sick. The week before Lawson's birthday I was plugging away, getting the plans ready for his party. Tuesday night, the 9th, I went to bed feeling just fine. I had had a cough that had progessively gotten worse for weeks, but didn't feel bad.

I was shocked when I woke up Wednesday and could barely get out of bed. I was sleeping under all of my blankets with my electric blanket on High, and woke up FREEZING. Thought that was weird until I took my temperature and realized I had almost a 103 fever. I stumbled downstairs and barely (somehow) got the kids something to eat then I laid down on the couch and slept. My head was pounding, I was shivering to death, and my whole body hurt. I was in so much pain, just laying there.

The kids were great. They just sat in the living room watching TV. They woke me up when a show ended and I fumbled the remote until I found them another one. I woke up a couple times and heard them upstairs playing together. Finally I realized it was almost noon. I called Jon and asked him if he could come home--I didn't think I could stand up long enough to get the kids lunch. He came right home. He took one look at me and called me in an appointment. Then he fed the kids and he drove me to the Dr.

He and the kids waited in the car while I went in. I was tested for flu and strep, both of which came back negative. I fell asleep in the office, with my head on the little desk, during the 5 minutes that the nurse stepped out to check my test. When I told the doctor that I had a cough that had been around for a few weeks, he told me that my symptoms sounded like I had pneumonia and also diagnosed me with febrile illness, which is a crazy high spiking fever. He never sent me for an x-ray, but I went home with a handful of prescriptions.

I spent the rest of that night on the couch in and out of sleep, while the kids overdosed on movies. Thank goodness Lawson had learned how to switch them out himself!! Thursday, Friday and Saturday were mostly spent on the couch too--I am so glad Jon's parents had already planned on coming for Lawson's birthday. They got there Thursday night and were so helpful. Thursday, Jon also took both of the kids to the pediatrician and they had sinus infections and went on antibiotics.

By Sunday I was starting to feel better, I was just so tired. Every little thing I did just wore me out. Sunday afternoon I baked some cupcakes for us to celebrate Lawson's birthday that night. It was the longest I had stood up in 5 days, and I was exhausted after that!! I was just hoping I would feel well enough to go to Lawson's birthday party the next night. I also really, really wanted to make him a cake. Thankfully I was able to do both. I was definitely done-for at the end of the night, but I am so grateful that I didn't miss my son's 5th birthday!

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