Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

Can you see the excitement? They can't wait to go around that corner and see what might have been left under the tree!! The adults were all happy that no one even woke up until about 8am! I can handle that!
Santa came! Santa came!Pillow pets for all the kids from Santa, plus lots of goodies from Papa and Nana! The kids all had a blast seeing their pillow pets, digging stuff out of their stockings and opening their presents.
Nana and Lawson
Nana and Jordan
Nana and Maddison
Nana and CJWhat a mess!!!
Papa with CJ and Jordan and the gifts Ms. Becky helped them make for Nana and Papa.
Jordan showing Papa her handprint wreath.
Lawson and Jon playing with Lawson's How to Train your Dragon dragons from Papa and Nana
Mommy and Jordan brushing Rapunzel's long hair
Time for breakfast! How many cooks in the kitchen?
And the kids retired to Papa and Nana's bed for the rest of the day to lay on their pillow pets and watch their new movies! It was nice for the adults--we got a break from watching Christmas movies!

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