Monday, December 13, 2010

Lawson's Milestone

Last night, after weeks of a super-wiggly tooth, Lawson lost his first tooth! Jon did the deed by yanking hard with a piece of paper towel wrapped over it. Only 2 days before his 6th birthday, he has been feeling the pressure of losing a tooth for a while now. It has been revealed to me that every age has its own forms of peer pressure. Adults feel pressure to succeed in work and life. Teenagers feel pressure to go to certain parties, or make out with certain people or drink certain things. Apparently for ages 5-6, the peer pressure is to have lost teeth, or at least have loose ones. Lawson's friend Abby Kate has already lost 3 teeth, and up to this point Lawson and Abby Kate's brother, Joshua, have been comparing notes every time they see each other to see if they've gotten any loose teeth or lost any since the last time they've met. Even Jordan now imagines that she has loose teeth--she'll tell me her tooth is loose, and when I check and find it still firmly grounded she laughs and tells me she was just pretending. Amazing, the minds of children, I tell ya.
Lawson was so excited he had to call all the grandparents and tell them about his exciting news. This morning, Lawson was thrilled to wake up and find that the Tooth Fairy had taken his tooth and replaced it with a sucker and 4 shiny quarters! I didn't know the Tooth Fairy brought suckers, but apparently one of the characters on WordWorld got a sucker from the Tooth Fairy so now she does.

This is new territory for us...gone are the days of fully-toothed smiles in pictures. For at least the next decade, I fear...

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