Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Game Night!!

Jon has been working so much lately that we love doing things together on the nights he's off. The kids are getting older, and they both LOVE to play games and do puzzles. Last night Jon had the night off so we decided to eat dinner then have a Family Game Night. We've done this a couple times before, too, but the kids were SUPER excited when we told them the plans. They took turns picking games to do...Those that made the line-up include Cootie, Chutes and Ladders, Toy Story Yahtzee, I Remember and Classic Memory. We stopped to make a snack of popcorn and hot cocoa, then we finished off with puzzles. Lawson and Jon worked on a 100 piece Toy Story puzzle, and Jordan and I did several smaller, 24 piece puzzles.

I love this stage with my kids--they are such fun little people!!

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