Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toothless. The Awesome Disaster.

For Lawson's birthday this year, he went through several different kinds of cakes he wanted before he decided on How to Train your Dragon. I thought and thought about what I could make, and talked to him about just having a Toothless cake (the main dragon in the movie). He thought that was a great idea. I thought I had a great idea to make an awesome cake. I've said it before--they do it on Cake Boss, how hard can it be? :)I started by making a 3-layer 9x13 chocolate cake. Then I made Rice Krispie Treats and shaped them into Toothless. My idea was to use wooden sticks to prop the dragon form in the air so it would look like it was flying over the clouds...
It was a decent idea, but there were a few problems...I did it way too early, I needed more support than wooden sticks, and I didn't anticipate the weight of the frosting. Before we even left for the party Toothless had slid down the sticks considerably:
When we arrived at Cicis and I started icing him, his whole body started sliding down the sticks quickly, endangering the rest of the cake. Jon helped me rescue the cake (as much as possible) and we decided to just take the sticks out and lay him across the cake.

At that point Lawson came up and told me it was an awesome cake that looked just like Toothless. That was good enough for me! That's the only reason I try to make an awesome cake--I want my kids to love it!
It lasted that way a while, until his head started drooping, the wing started falling off, the tail spun off and broke and then the head finally came off. It really was a disaster...but Lawson loved it so that's all that matters!
Happy Birthday Bud!

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