Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bowling in the New Year

All dressed in our new OU gear, we decided to spend some of our Christmas gift money going bowling with some coupons we had received in the mail. We had such a fun afternoon trying to knock down those crazy pins!

Love this pic of Lawson...he kept getting so excited after he rolled a good ball...this was after he knocked down 9 pins...
They both would sit and look at the little monitor as if it had the world's most important information stored on it. In this one, Jordan is 'typing' on the little counter area in front of the monitor...
Here's another fun victory shot...right after a spare!
Daddy and Son
Jon and Jordan
Jon and Lawson
Me and my sweetie
We had a fun afternoon and then we came home to watch Oklahoma win their bowl game! What a great way to start 2011!

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