Thursday, January 13, 2011

Other stuff to do when it's cold...

So we've been inside for a couple days now (with only sporadic outside playing) so here's some ways we made these snow days special fun for the fam... (I wish I was ambitious enough to say that all the laundry was done and the school work was done and the house was clean, but we've just had lazy old snow days around here!)

They love to watch movies in their tents...
Jordan made a train...Lawson put on his conductor's hat and watched a movie. (We've had an overdose on movies these past couple days!!)

Lawson worked on his Legos that he got for his birthday. We haven't really delved into the Lego world yet, but Lawson really enjoyed following the directions and building this house. I imagine that we'll be headed into the endless abyss of Legos in the next few years for sure! :)

In the midst of our move, this old Nickel Hockey game that I made in 9th grade Woodshop unsurfaced...Well, the kids LOVE playing this with whomever will play it with them--they even play it with each other! Jordan just randomly flicks it wherever, but Lawson is pretty good at getting goals!
It's been fun to let ourselves get caught up in the the feeling of having a few days off of everything. We've all enjoyed it!

Now...I have to go do some laundry... ;)

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