Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

We had so much fun getting out and playing in our BIG snow Monday (1/10/11) morning! I think the kids were as excited about going to bed Sunday night waiting to see the snow Monday morning as they were on Christmas Eve!!! As soon as they woke up they scurried over to the door to peek out and see if it really snowed, and boy did it! :) Various area of our yard had between 7-9" of deep, powdery, fluffy snow! They have seen snow before, several times, but it's still so exciting for them to go outside and do things that you can't just do all the time!
I had so many pictures that I put them into collages...if you click them they should show up a little bigger...

Our snowman wasn't meant to be! Jon and the kids started one, but the snow was so powdery we had a hard time getting a ball to form. They successfully got a big 'mound' for the bottom ball, but we couldn't get any balls for the belly and head. It just turned into a little mountain for them to jump off of!! The top right one below here is Lawson who exclaimed "Mommy! I'm swimming in the snow!" I love that he made a trail! The bottom left one cracks me up because I had told them in a jokingly stern voice, "Now, that's it. Don't make ANY MORE tracks in my snow! No More Tracks." So of course they took great delight in running all over the yard as quick as they could smiling and giggling all the way!! Silly kids!
That afternoon we went hillbilly sledding with some friends, so there will be more pictures to come!

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