Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lawson and Jordan--2010 In Pictures

Today I went out for a quick errand, and this song came on the radio (it's one of my favorites anyways). It caused my crazy pregnant hormones to spin out of control and before I had gone 2 miles, I had tears dripping off my cheeks and had become a weepy mess. It got me thinking about how much I love the day-to-day joy that my kids provide us and I wanted to do something to document it. I thought about going all the way back, but that would have been too many pictures. That's another project for another day!

But for today, here is a quick review of my kids over this past's not everything we did, but it's enough to make me smile. And tear up. Every time I watch it.

(And if you're not a grandparent of these kids, you may not even care. Sorry!) :)

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one BleSSed gal! said...

So sweet! A year FULL of wonderful memories :) And just think next year your video will include 3 kiddos! So excited for you all!