Tuesday, July 29, 2008


(Before I explain this situation, I am grateful for my drawers.
Now. Proceed.)

I am in a very confused state! After almost 2 years of living in this house with 7 of my 9 kitchen drawers in the shed to be refinished, I am now only missing one. This is great news, for my spoons. They have finally been moved to the drawer I truly believed they belonged in all along.

However, not so great news for my knees! Today, today alone, I have headed to the wrong drawer about 8 times!!!! I think that I am going to tear my ACL, just because I want to stir the stinkin' beans!

Surely, please, it won't take 2 more years to get used to this???


Jason said...

I love my drawers, too. Both kinds. :)

jon said...

For the record we didn't move into the house till January 2007. It has only been 18 months.