Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friends, Swimming, Harding and a Photoshoot!!

Here's a picture update...

Tuesday the kids and I went swimming with our friends Shelby and Lynn. Both of my kids started out pretty nervous and uninterested...mind you--even in our little pool, Lawson will hardly touch a floatie b/c he's afraid I'm going to make him get into it to learn to swim. He's terrified. I've also told you about how Jordan has absolutely nothing to do with our pool and cries if I make her get in it. I was hoping after the fountains down town they'd both like it better. Lawson started out on the steps, then holding on to the bricks with a floatie on, then letting me swirl him around the pool in the floatie. Then him and Jordan spent time jumping off the side to me and they both loved that! Jordan also did a great job using Lawson's floatie! She's quite a kicker, and I pretty much had to just make sure she didn't flip face first into the water! :) I was in the pool almost the whole time, so I only got a few pics...

I wish I had gotten some muscle floaties so they could have done even more by themselves!
BTW...I had set out Jordan's suit on the arm of the couch to take with me, but because I believe that I'm mildly mentally retarded something sidetracked me and I TOTALLY forgot it! She had to swim just in a swimmer diaper! OOPS, MOMMY! :)

After swimming I dried the kids off and they wanted to lay on the chairs, like Shelby. Well, Lawson got on his chair, then pulled the top of his towel over his face, just like Shelby. It was very cute! I think in this pic he was just getting back up. Not much of a sunbather yet!

The kids have been sporting their Harding shirts a couple more times before they get too small! I got them this past winter when I went for Lynnette's shower.

I love this picture of Lawson! I think he looks like such a big boy!

The best one I could get of, she looks so goofy! :)

Thursday we went to hang out at our friend Alisha's house. We had a lot of fun playing, talking, eating lunch then watching Nemo!

Abbie spent a good bit of time pushing Jordan around on this block holder/lawn mower looking thing. Jordan just loved it! :)

Yesterday I found Jordan had climbed up and gotten down her hairbow box. She told me she was picking a pretty hairbow, then she proceeded to hold each one up and call it the wrong color. Hmmm...we're still working on that! To her, everything's blue!
Another kind of swimming..
Yesterday, Lawson spent a lot of time pretending to be a lot of animals. He loves animals lately, the most common being a tiger. He came up to me after a while of playing and asked me, "Mommy, how can I pretend to be a whale swimming in the ocean?" I thought about it for a minute, then told him I had an idea and to come with me. We went and got a big blue fluffy winter blanket and laid it out in the playroom. I am telling you...he spent probably 45 minutes being a whale, then a shark, then asking me to be one with him. Such an imagination! :)

After a while he asked me to come "swim" with him. Good thing there wasn't someone here to take a picture of all 3 of would probably be called this... "Two cute sharks and a beached whale!"
I spent some time trying to get a cute picture of Jordan for the invitations to her birthday party. I looked for a good one in the computer, but most of our at home ones find her with a dirty face or bed-head! I think I got some really cute ones...We were being silly to make her laugh, and she was cracking me up!
I think this looks like a model shoot! It makes me laugh how she looked back over her shoulder and flashed a smile!
In this one she had started waving her hands back and forth...


Jamey said...

Love the pictures! Jordan turned out very precious without the "cheese" smile! (She's precious with it too, though.)

I like how they match with their Harding shirts.

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Love the pic of Jordan also with her looking over her shoulder. Sounds like you guys have really been enjoying the summer.

I love how you are so creative with your kids and always encouraging them. That is cute with the blanket and pretending to be animals swimming around!!

Amy said...

Great pics...ya'll will have to come over and try out our pool sometime!! I love the ones of Jordan, very cute! The ones of Lawsome swimming are neat too, what a great imagination. Thanks for having us over the other night...we really enjoyed it!! Ya'll are so fun to hang out with, I haven't laughed so much or so hard in a very long time. Thanks!


Good post, Stacy. You got some cute pictures of Jordan for the invitation. She did pretty good for her "photo shoot". :) We had fun at Alisha's the other day. I love the one of Abbie pushing Jordan on that thing. They were having a big time. I'm going to have to keep that picture and the one of them on the couch. Sorry again about the cookie...oops! :) You are such a good mommy. I love how you let your kids use their imaginations and get into it and play with them. Lawson and Jordan are blessed to have you.

Alisha said...

We had a great time the other day. I am so glad that you and Anna could come. I will also be saving those pictures from that day. I still need to get the pictures we took at the Botanical Garden this spring. I hate that I forgot my camera that day.

The pictures of Jordan turned out so cute. I think we will have a lot of fun at the party!