Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thinking Lately

So...didn't really get moving til a little later than I thought I would this morning. Nothing bad...just the 3 of us being lazy and playing and reading. So...didn't have time to get out anywhere. We went out to the front yard about 10:30. I planned on being out there 30-45 min, but the kids were riding bikes so I started raking up the pine needles/cones. (If you remember our "harvest" from last winter/spring, I feel I should try to keep up better!!!) Soon the kids wanted out the tee and balls, the chalk, then the bubbles, so I just kept raking. When we finally came in it was after 12!!! :) I'm taking a break from going out and finishing while I make SURE they are both asleep for good!

So...I've been thinking lately...

* I have been really, really thinking about wanting to 're-enter' some mission work. In fact, I have even been having dreams and extensive thoughts of moving to work in an established mission setting, or even an unestablished one, at that.

This is definitely not something that we're packing up to do this week or anything, but when I told Jon he got really excited. We have been on 2 mission trips together before, and both of us have been on several before there was 'us.' We both have a desire to do mission work, and before we were married we even talked about spending a couple years somewhere.

I know there are pros and cons to actually moving to do mission work. I know there are PLENTY of mission opps here, right in our city. I know there are lots of worthy causes to support. But I also feel there is such a stretch of faith to actually GIVE your whole life to a mission effort. There is a sense of sacrifice that just might not happen in a comfy city like Hsv. Like, when I'm done doing my "mission work," I could run through the drive-thru and get a cold Coke, or I could go shopping and get some new shoes that are more comfortable...or whatever.

Anyways...I'm rambling, I know. I wasn't even planning on posting this, really, but well, it's just coming out.

Back in high school and college I took A LOT of Spanish classes. In fact, It was my college major. I really enjoyed learning it, and it took on a whole new, deeper meaning when I started going on trips and actually meeting people. People with whom, without my new language, I would never have been able to have conversations or relationships with. Until Jon and I were dating, i even worshipped at the local Spanish-language fellowship many Sundays and every Wednesday.

I have been to Venezuela 3 times, and Mexico once. I've also been to Oregon and Mississippi. Every time, my Spanish has been a gift that has allowed me to reach someone--to help someone.

It has been so long since I've actually used Spanish. Sure, a sentence here and there, every now and then. But not actually used it. I used to know the words to probably more than a hundred and fifty songs. I used to talk to people on the phone, on the internet, in letters. I used to listen to sermons, read books, take classes--completely in Spanish. Now, though, I feel like it's slipping away. I want to start studying again; better yet, I want to use it.

I really admire the friends and people I know who have made a full-time commitment to missions. I know it has ups and downs, but I also am sure (in my own mind, at least) that God works in those people harder than in anyone else. I really feel He blesses those who step out, stretch their faith, depend on Him for everyday needs...I feel that he also causes them to grow, in Him, in a way that they couldn't in a suburban little home.

Lately, I feel like I could use some more faith. I could use some more dependence on Him. And, I could SURELY use some more growth. This makes me wonder if I am really hearing a call?

Anyways...Just something I've been thinking about a lot lately.


Jamey said...

Who knew raking pine needles could spark such deep thoughts!

I think we all could visit this topic more frequently than we do. We were put on this earth to glorify God and bring others to him. I find myself getting caught up in my life and the day to day activities. The activities that don't matter at all in the big scheme of things.

There is a couple here at church that is in Paris right now learning French so they can begin their 5 year commitment in an African nation. It does take a leap of faith, but isn't that what we are supposed to have anyway?


Wow! Ya'll would do great with mission work. I look up to ya'll a lot for the way you are always ready to serve and help other people. Sometimes I think it would be easier in some ways raising kids in a mission field than in our "comfy little country" where we have all that we need and more.