Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not much to say....

I don't really have a lot to say these days... I keep coming up to the computer thinking I need to post, then don't know what to post about.

A couple Fridays ago our friend Jeff called and said they needed another girl to play on his work's coed softball team. He asked if I wanted to play and I decided it might be fun. Well, IT WAS! I really enjoyed the casual environment--competetive but not crazy! It was only me and one other girl on the team. I had 3 singles, plus I made a catch at 2nd to get the batter out! So fun! It was a nice change to be the one playing, too, and not the one watching the kids on the sidelines. By the time I was done and came over to see the fam, I almost couldn't find the kids b/c they were so covered in red dirt that they were camouflaged!!! :) After their bathwater drained, there was a layer of red dirt in the tub! YUCK!

We are still keeping busy. We really enjoyed visiting with Kenny and Jamey last week--I wish we could visit more often! Lawson and Avery had a really great time playing together! Jordan had a lot of fun bringing Braden baby toys. A couple times I looked over and she had nearly buried him!! Jamey took more pictures than I did, so maybe one day she'll put some up! Made me wish for Thanksgiving even more--can't wait to come see you guys!

Yesterday we went to swim with our friends Lynn and Shelby in their neighborhood pool. Sunny, Amy and I had talked about a zoo trip, but when the forecast was 102 we decided not to!!! Shelby called and asked if we wanted to swim, and we were all about that! The kids were skiddish at first, but after a while warmed right up to it and were swimming in their floaties and jumping off the side to me! Then Lynn took us all to Subway for lunch. Yummo!! Thanks for a great morning!

This morning I went to do my Wednesday morning papers and afterwards went looking for a new park. I drove to Providence school and found that they have a really small-kid friendly park there! It's an elementary school, so I guess it should! There are 2 playscapes with small slides, ladders, tubes, monkey bars, etc. There are also swings, but no baby swings. If your little one loves to climb, slide and run around try this park out! It's in the back of Providence subdivision, and there was no one there but a few construction workers over at the school building the new wing.

Lately I've been doing Facebook a lot more. I got a Facebook last year to keep up with our Seniors at church--to see what they were doing and keep up with the youth activities. That's all I used it for. Now that I've found so many people I used to know, though, I've been spending so much time surfing from one person's profile and pictures to another's. I love looking for new Flair, and catching up on what my old high school and college friends are doing these days.

Our swingset construction has come to a halt! Between the softball, company, and, ahem, Jon's Saturday and Sunday naps, we may never get to swing in our backyard!!! :) HOPEFULLY, some day soon I can post pictures...we'll see!!

When Kenny and Jamey were here last week, we had some people over to grill out. I always use company as an excuse to make recipes that I like but Jon doesn't. At least there's a chance of someone else liking it and helping me finish it! This time I made a Pineapple Cheeseball--I've had this recipe since 2000. While it was a favorite of mine at Linda Lawson's house years ago, I had never made it! Well....I think it was a hit! I got several compliments on it, so I posted the recipe at MichiganCutie Cooks.

If you know about my foot pain problems, then the wonderful resolution, then my foot pain problems again, then my second foot HURTS AGAIN! I almost can hardly walk! I think I need to just cut it off, but the doctor will probably not resort to that so soon! Please pray that heel spurs and tendonitis, in general, would stop hurting!

Oh yeah, the other night while brushing and flossing the kids teeth I noticed that Jordan had cut a molar! Here we go again! She has either been waking up very early, or running a low fever and sleeping very late! There have also been several (now-explainable) fussy moments as well as some full-out meltdowns. Add on top of all that 2-4 daily dirty diapers that are in addition to hear regular daily 1-3 dirty diapers! Geesh...I hope these 4 puppies come all the way through very quickly!

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought! I must say that I have come back and added several things that I remembered after posting...since I was doing a post about having nothing to say! Now it's time to get a nap before those kids upstairs wake up!!! Hope everyone has a great rest-of-the-week!


Jamey said...

So glad you ended up having things to say! What an update...I bet playing softball was fun. We had a blast while we were there...thanks for being fantastic hosts!

Sunny said...

I loved reading up on all things Stacy! I enjoyed my flair tonight! It made me smile. I've really enjoyed FaceBook within the last couple of weeks. It is so neat to find your old friends and to catch up with them. I think that I am just really addicted to the flair! :) We'll have to go the zoo when its not so hot out! Jackson has been having about 6-8 dirty diapers a day for quite awhile now. I'm almost out of diapers. I need another sale!!! Oh, and I always seem to go back and tweak my posts. It kind of drives me crazy that I am that way!

Bethany said...

Stacy, I'm not sure what kind of foot trouble you are having, but I was having HORRIBLE foot pain.(Almost to where I couldn't walk.)But I found a store called Sole Solutions and they fit a pair of shoes to my feet, and that has been all the difference! Now,if I don't wear THOSE shoes, I can't walk within a few hours. The brand of shoe is Finn Comfort. It's a German brand....but HOLY MOLY do I love them! They are pretty expensive...but compared to a podiatrist and surgery.... it's nothing! Hope you find some relief soon...foot pain compares to tooth pain and child birth! :)