Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hodge Podge

It's been busy around here...Let me offer a whirlwind review of 3 weeks or so...
A couple of weeks ago the kids and I ran to Walmart for an errand. There was a big fire engine sitting out front, so I asked Lawson if he wanted to walk over and look at it. Well, a fire fighter was standing there waiting for the others to come back out of the store, and asked Lawson if he really wanted to see a fire truck. He gave him the grand tour, showing him so much neat stuff!
Here he is standing where all the fire fighters sit. The coats, hats and boots are in this area.

When the fire fighter asked Lawson what he wanted to see, Lawson said "the hoses". is the grand supply of hoses!

Here is Lawson getting to hold the, um, spout?? of the hose. I think it was as heavy as he was!

The kids went to VBS this year at Jordan Park Church of Christ. Mayfair's VBS doesn't start til age 4, so my kids didn't make the cut. My sweet friend Lisa invited the kids and they loved it! I did realize that I am spoiled by being able to take Jordan to the nursery during services at Mayfair, because she couldn't hardly sit still for even the 15 minutes of singing at the end! Wednesday-Friday I ended up taking M&Ms to bribe her and string her along!!

Here is a picture of the kids the day after they talked about Esther. Jordan was not happy I made her put on her crown again!

This is Jordan walking back from class.

We also finished up the tee ball season and celebrated with a pizza party! The kids had a great time, and here is Lawson showing off his trophy!

Lawson and his Daddy

My efforts at patriotism via wardrobe!

We spent almost 2 whole weeks in a "Projects around the House Boot Camp"...that's what I named it! Holy smokes...we did A LOT in a short time with the kids around and a lot of other things going on too...when we get it all wrapped up I am going to make a post just about that...but I loved this pic of my boys with their drills...

notice Lawson has the real one and Jon has the toy one!!!
Last Tuesday, the 1st of July, Jon's parents, sister and niece came to visit. Wednesday morning we decided to take the big kids to the free movie and out to lunch b/c Jon's mom offered to watch Jordan and then keep them again so I could do my papers during naptime.

We saw "Open Season" and the kids liked it. Here is a picture of Lawson at the concession stand to get popcorn and a Diet Coke. (Think he drinks too much of what I order??? :)

Jon's parents and the 3 grandkids Wednesday night before church. This was after a yummy dinner at Little Rosies!

Jon and his dad spent a lot of their time working on building our new swingset!!! It's still not completely done (again, a full post, once complete) but we did get a new wheelbarrow. It's really for mixing concrete...but also doubles as a "kid kart!" Here is a pic of each kid getting their turn around the yard!

After yummy bbq'ed burgers on the 4th, we all went over to Bridge Street to watch to fireworks. We actually parked in an office building's parking lot, which was actually closer to the show I think! The kids had fun running around the field while waiting, and then warmed up to the loudness pretty well. The funniest thing of the night happened about 10 minutes before the show ended...We heard a pssssssssstttttttttttt....and all of a sudden we were getting squirted by the sprinklers that came on!!!! It was SOOOO funny, b/c we were all trying to get up with the kid we were holding and run farther back. We could not stop laughing about it the rest of the night!
My family

Jennifer and Maddison

A spectacular show!

Yesterday I decided to get out b/c it was a beautiful but hot day. I took the kids to the water fountains downtown and they had so much fun! Lawson got right in, but Jordan wouldn't get wet for the first hour! I finally got her wet, traumatized her, then forced her to get used to it and run through...holding MY hand...which means I got soaked too!!! By then she loved it, we stayed another hour or so, and we all had so much fun!

Hope everyone is still having a great summer and spending a lot of quality time with the ones you love! Enjoy it now...I am noticing the days getting shorter minute by minute in the mornings!!!! Fall and (Brrr) Winter will be here BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!!! :)


Sunny said...

I loved reading about all that you guys have been up to. How cool is that about the firetruck - Lawson's own personal little tour!

I can't wait to see all of your finished projects. I know that you guys have been working hard. I'm sure that it looks great!


Love the update and seeing all of the pictures! I love Lawson's face inside the fire truck. He looks so happy to be getting the "grand" tour. :) Man, I need Jon to come on over here and do some projects for me next. Ha! Just kidding! Can't wait to see what ya'll have been doing around the house. We'll have to meet at the fountain at Early Works soon. :) Looks like ya'll had fun!

Jamey said...

What a fun update! I felt like I was there experiencing it all with you.

Seems like I keep seeing more and more people talking about fun fountains they have in their city. I need to research and see if we have any here.

Can't wait to see you guys!

Amy said...

Fun, Fun, Fun at the Stacy household!! You always make me want to get up and go do something fun after reading your posts. Enjoyed our bonco carpool the other night. You're a special lady and I'm enjoying getting to know you!

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

I liked getting caught up with what has been happening with you guys. I think that is pretty awesome that Jon built the swingset. Much more memorable and chaper than purchasing one.

I love the fire truck thing. My boss is big into just taking her son to the fire house sometimes. He is 3 and is in LOVE with firetrucks. They are always so sweet it seems to give tours to the little kiddos.