Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Boating...Kinda...

Last Friday night I warned Jon that we were about to experience several days cooped up in the house b/c of the torrential rains that were coming...I recommended that we do something fun outside together. He came up with the idea of going to BridgeStreet, right across the road from our neighborhood, and ride the paddle/pedal (which one?) boats. (I can't really tell which is the right word, with the way people down here talk, and all!!)

Jordan always seems to be taking a baby with her everywhere she goes these days...

Lawson and Daddy

On the dock, getting ready to set sail!

Anyways...It was SOO fun! I was a little worried that there weren't seatbelts for the kids, but they had life vests, and they sat there SO still! It was great!

The whole night had a theme of weird sights...I started taking pictures of them for your viewing pleasure!

This hummingbird must've run into a storefront window b/c it was dead as a doornail lying on the sidewalk! I have never seen one super-up-close...Shocked at how I put my keys next to it!

Beautiful sights abound at Bridge Street, but it's not so nice to enter a lake/pond area and be looking straight at porta-potties! Lawson asked "What are those?"

Turns out Lawson was fascinated with the buoys. We ended up spending the whole time paddling around from buoy to buoy, only seeing the other sights en route!

We went under this bridge and saw this--are you ready--BAT!!! Sleeping/hanging upside down!!! Right there! It was all by itself, and I couldn't believe it! Ewwww!!! The kids thought it was very cool!!

Here's that hummingbird again. The wind must've blown it over, b/c on the way back to the car it was flipped over. I PROMISE it wasn't me...NO WAY would've I touched it...but look what a pretty green it, was...

There were also some very beautiful things to look at....

Looking back at the Carousel, Tommy's Pizza and the Boat/Gondola Dock

The Westin--It's huge!

The Waterfall over the Rocks--Behind the Westin

The Sunset...Looking over toward the bridge and Connor's

The Hurricane Fay clouds blowing in... Pretty, as long as it's not raining! :)

The night finished up with going to the soccer fields to kick the balls around, getting a couple movies at Hollywood Video, and grabbing a pizza for dinner. What a great family night!!

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Amy said...

that does sound like an awesome night!! you guys are so good at getting out of the normal routine of day to day life. help me!!!