Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jordan's "Happy To You"

I really can't believe that Jordan just had her 2nd birthday! We have had a great weekend of celebrating...And there are lots of pictures to prove it!

We started talking about her birthday several weeks ago with a library book that talked all about birthdays and birthday traditions. She knew she was having a party and cake. About last week she started asking us to sing her "Happy To You". After a day or so she ended up walking around singing it to herself. It was so cute!

Thursday afternoon my mom came into town. That night we had a small family birthday dinner and celebration. I had wanted to get Lawson something small to help him deal with Jordan getting a lot of gifts. We had tacos, cupcakes and gifts. After dinner, we sang to Jordan then turned the lights back on. She demanded the lights off again and that we sing again. I think we sang it 4 or 5 times, each time re-lighting and blowing out the candles. It was really funny.

We got her a tricycle--which she was was so excited about!! She has been riding Lawson's a lot lately, so I'm glad they will be able to ride together. Lawson picked her out a My Little Pony and some bubbles. My mom gave her a Mother Goose book and several outfits. Nana and Papa got us a wagon, which we are very excited about! We gave Lawson a Pegasus horse from the movie Hercules. Lately that is one of his favorite movies and he really loved it! It was a fun night.

Friday I spent most of the day running errands for Jordan's party. We were very excited to share a party with Will, and so many of our friends came! We really had a fun time celebrating and are so grateful that everyone came out to celebrate with us! It's a blessing to have such a great 'family' down here away from our 'real' family!

The party was half Elmo (for Will) and half Dora (for Jordan). We had chocolate cake, white cake, lemonade, water, Capri Suns and Sno-cones. The weather was perfect--around 80 with no humidity and beautiful blue skies! It was at our neighborhood park and I also brought bubble stuff and several balls and outdoor toys. At the end of the night when we dumped out a cooler-ful of ice all of the kids ran over to it and started jumping around and playing in it. They started throwing it up in the air and yelling "It snowed! It snowed!" easy to please a child!! :)I really think everyone had a great time!

Jordan has really enjoyed playing with all her new toys. She is loving her baby dolls and puzzles...she also loves pretending to be a doctor and playing in her new sleeping bag. She has also really started to love carrying around any kind of purse or bag--so she is loving all of the diaper bag/backpack/purse gifts!

Happy birthday baby girl!! I can't believe you are not a baby anymore!

My prayer for you is many more healthy happy years in a life that is dedicated and pleasing to the Lord!


Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!! That video clip was sooo cute! I loved the way she was trying to blow out the candles. So adorable.

I am so glad that you were able to have such a big celebration and enjoy the day!!!


Sunny said...

I love how she blows out her candles! Happy 2nd Birthday Jordan!