Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Quackin' Good Time!!

Friday the kids and I went downtown to Big Spring Park to have a picnic and feed the ducks. We had a big bag of stale hamburger buns so I figured it was the day to do it! :) They had so much fun! Lawson had a tummy ache for a while, so he hung out in the stroller, but Jordan was into it for the whole time!

Lawson approached this gaggle of geese with his handful of buns!

Geese are very cool...the kids loved how they honk! One thing I noticed, though...with all the ducks and geese, the WHOLE PARK stunk like duck poop! We were dodging the piles of poop on the sidewalks and in the grass... and I had to come home and wash all of our shoes b/c I felt like I just couldn't get the smell out of my head! Bllleechhhh!!!

If you are duck or a goose, you definitely want Jordan to dish out your servings! She started out breaking the buns up, but soon she just started throwing them whole. I just had to start giving her smaller pieces!

The huge fish came right up to the side of this concrete. Jordan was stressing me out b/c she kept getting so close to the edge! I actually played the "what if she falls in this nasty water" scenario out in my head, wondering if I would be able to reach her without getting all the way in!!!

The feeding frenzy when a piece of bread was tossed. These ducks definitely know that people mean food! They come right up to you and will fight each other for the smallest little piece!

Looking over the edge of the bridge at the fish.

We made the long trek around the Art Museum and up the ramp to use the potties. On the way back to the van Lawson started singing "Old MacDonald had an Ark...and on that Ark there was a goose...with a honk-honk here..." (We checked out a library book a few weeks back called "Good Old Noah Built An Ark" and he's been singing it wrong ever since!)

He loves to climb on these bike things...probably won't like that for long, huh??? :)

We love Big Spring Park!!!


Jamey said...

Avery, Braden and I did that for two days straight while we were in town! Technically, the kids did it for three days b/c Kenny took them the day I had clinics.

Apparently the ducks/geese/fish like cheerios because that's all we fed them.

There were some big mac daddy fish! Also, some of the smaller ones jumped out of the water to get the food before the ducks had a chance. Too funny.

The Bowerman Blog said...

Looks like a fun day at the park!! We love to take outings like that, except mommy has been way out these days and unless there is a pool around you probably won't see us there unless it is late afternoon! Jordan and Lawson are getting so big! Wow! Must be about time for #3.
Just read your "thinking blog" and I could see you and Jon picking up and moving somewhere for awhile. You remind me so much of a good friend from college that her and her family are in Brazil right now. They have been there for 4 years and have one more year to go. It's amazing work to be a part of.

Sunny said...

Those geese are definitely friendly! When I took the kids awhile back, Joshua FREAKED OUT around the geese. Isn't it funny how they can be SO different in just a short amount of time?

I understand you being scared about Jordan being so close to the water. I am totally prepared to jump in at any given second when we are out there near the water!

I don't know how you are standing the heat! I would go out in it, but it makes my chest hurt! I am really looking forward to cooler days!