Friday, August 22, 2008

Jordan's Big Girl Bed!!!

Huge milestone this week!! We did it!!! Monday night was Jordan's first night out of her crib! It was also her first night without her paci(s)!! (We decided to traumatize her all at once!!!)

I noticed she was really interested in Lawson's big bed about 3-4 weeks ago--and would throw a fit when we would put her into her crib. I really wanted to get her a bed then, but we just couldn't spend any money that particular week! I have been nervous, though, b/c the last week or so she has really begun to love her crib and pacis. She would race to her crib, and then lay right down and fall asleep, holding 3 pacis and sticking a 4th in her mouth. Then at random times would switch a 'holder' for a mouth paci!! I was afraid we'd missed our threshold.

Well, we bought the bed and blankets Saturday, but held off on putting everything up. With doing Sunday papers, we just couldn't risk her having a bad night while we were trying to work!
So Monday was the big day! After dinner we started the process. I started cleaning up the stuffed animals that were strewn throughout the room while Jon started to disassemble the crib. That's right...we took the crib down! This means that we had no chance of even being mercied back into putting her in there should the night prove miserable!
Upon taking the crib down, I took out the pacis, and they have never reappeared! They're just missing! She did ask for them once in her sleep yesterday, but other than that, nothing!
Jordan slept in her crib with her feet sticking through the slats resting on the wall. Look at these dirty spots on the wall--we found them after we took the crib down... Yuck!!

How did it go, you may wonder?? Let me post step by step, maybe more for my memory than for your dying curiosity....
Monday night
8:45ish--Jon starts to put her down. Listens to a couple stories. Jon starts singing. Huge fit. Doesn't want to stay laying down. Tries to calm her down but to no avail. Leaves her for a few minutes b/c I'm doing Lawson's nighttime.

9:10ish--I go in there. Awful! Won't lay down, screaming something I can't understand. Finally I hear something about juice. I go get a sippy cup. The sucking motion on the cup resembles her paci, I think, and she almost falls asleep sitting up sucking on the cup. She's calm now.
9:30ish--She's laying down quietly. I start to sing slow, soft songs to her. First she's just looking at me listening. This is a very sweet memory for me...this is what I imagined when I learned I was having a daughter.
9:45ish--Her blinks have been getting longer and longer. Finally, by 9:50 or so, she can no longer resist...and she drifts off to sleep. About an hour. Not bad for the first night!
3:45ish--Jon gets up to do my papers and looks in on her. Wakes me up to tell me she has fallen off the bed, but is sound asleep on her pillows. I say leave her there.
Tuesday Morning
6:45am--She wakes up!! Man...this is 45 minutes earlier than her usual too early!! Good thing, she doesn't get out of bed til I come get her. Rough morning for me!
12:30ish--Time for nap. We'll see how this goes. I tell her we need to go up to bed and she happily starts walking up the stairs. I tell her to lay down (she does) and I'm going to go do Lawson.
12:35--I come back and she's laying there with her baby. I tell her she needs to lay right there and fall asleep like a big girl. I leave and take a quick shower, expecting her to be crying when I get out.
12:42--I don't hear anything. I go peek in on her, and she's sound asleep!!!! Could it really be??? She sleeps til 2:15. Shorter than usual, but we're still adjusting.
8:45ish--Time for nighttime again. I take the juice with me just in case, but she doesn't even ask. About 3 minutes of crying but calms down easily. She's not interested in a story (a little sad for me) but she looks at me while I sing. Sweet baby falls asleep by 9:05. 20 minutes--not bad!!
6am--She wakes up!!! Oh my cow!! I may die! I try to make her go back to sleep (Lawson always would) but she's not having it. I finally consent to let her lay in the bed quietly, but don't actually let her get out of bed until 7. Don't want to start any bad habits!!
1:15ish--She falls asleep on the way home from Anna's. I carry her up and she stays asleep. Asks for paci but eyes are still closed. I don't say anything, and she never wakes up. Sleeps 2 hours.
9:15--Late bedtime tonight--church night always is! I give her a drink before going upstairs. She gets in bed and lays right down. I sing her one song and tell her to stay in her bed and be quiet. I step out of the room and she stays quiet. I go downstairs to watch Olympics with Jon. Jordan is mumbling to her baby...I hear her say "baby's paci"...Within 10 minutes ALL is quiet.
3am--She wakes me up by standing at the gate in her door crying. I put her back to bed and she cries for a drink. I tell her no, and she needs to go back to sleep, then I go get dressed to leave. She falls back to sleep. Thank goodness!
Thursday Morning
5:40am--I get home, and debate whether or not to even lay back down. If she's going to wake up in 15 minutes, that will surely only succeed in making me utterly miserable. I am tired, though, and decide to risk it.
8:45am--I am awakened by Lawson, who hardly ever wakes up first! He is NOT my early bird! I am thrilled that the sun has been up long before I have today! :)
All I can say is that after 3 nights I think she has made the adjustment very well! I am so excited to just make one transition with the bed and pacis, not get used to the bed then have to fight over the pacis. SO so so so thankful for a great experience!! :)


Amy said...

Glad to hear the transition is going so well. Your mommy/daughter singing moment was sweet...hope you get lots more of those opportunities!

Jamey said...

I'm so glad that it's going well.

I always dread any transition, so it's nice when it happens quickly!

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

Love the picture at the end. She is so sweet ;) Wow, she is really getting big and changing so much. Sounds like fun changes though.


Laura said...

Yea, Stacy that is the best feeling. I do remember because May was a thumb sucker. We pretty much did the same thing you did. She had to hold a cloth diaper when sucking her thumb so once we got rid of that she gave it up. So you did good. It is kinda sad realizing that your baby is growing up but I still have enjoyed every stage though. Glad it went good. Have a great weekend.

Sunny said...

Looks like it went well! With every transition we have been through, I have found that 3 is somehow the magical number!

The Honea Bees said...

I am glad you had a good transition experience. Audrey Anna doesn't get out of her bed either until I come in to get her. If she does, it's to get a book and then she gets right back in. And she will tell on herself too.
I agree with Sunny...I think 3 is the magic number.