Thursday, August 21, 2008


Following the messy house comment in yesterday's post I would like to elaborate on one factor of that house is also being OVERRUN by magazines!!

Last year my Northwest Airlines frequent flier account sent me a message that my miles were about to expire but I could redeem the miles for points then pick some magazines. We would get a year's subscription at absolutely no cost, but with the option to resubscribe if we wanted to.

Shortly after this Jon ordered me some flowers, then took some sort of survey to get free magazines or something.

Then he joined the NRA and got some free magazines...

So...I just want to post a list of the magazines that come to our house!!

ESPN Magazine
Outdoor Life
Car Craft
Hot Rod
Country Living
American Hunter
American Rifleman

Geesh! Anyone's kids have any projects coming up and need some magazines to cut pictures out of??? :)



Wow! I don't have spare time to read one magazine much less all of those. You did a late night post, didn't you??? You should be in bed. :)

Stacy said...

I go in waves of "Wanting-To-Blog-Itis"...I usually write 2-4 at a time, then post one and set the others to auto-post at midnight for the next day...that way they're up in the morning but I don't have to remember to do it...There's one coming at midnite tonight too...But it's already there...just sitting and waiting for its turn!!!

Stacy said...

And...we don't read them...that's the problem...

Mabye a short article here and the private time on the throne....but that's it!

I just guess we'll keep them for a while..The subscriptions stop at the end of the year, so we'll have plenty of material to keep us busy for a while! :)

Sunny said...

So, I guess that I shouldn't hit you up with the kids' school magazine fund raiser, huh? Just kidding! I just went through 3 of my parenting magazines on the long drive to SC. I am so ready for my subscriptions to be over. The only one that I really want is People, but it is SO expensive!!!