Friday, December 5, 2008


There is an owl hooting outside in our neighborhood right now. I tried to get it on the video function of my camera but it wouldn't pick it up. Owls sound so cool!

Last year he was here in the cold fall, but went away for the warm season. Several weeks ago, we heard him back. The kids LOVE this owl!! Every time we come in or go out, they try to "call" him by hollering "HooooT, HOOOOOOT, WHOOOOO" in a very 'non-owl-ly' way to see if he will hoot back. They even stand at the back patio door and open it to hoot and see if we can hear him hoot back. It is precious.

It wasn't love at first hoot, though. The first time we heard him this year the kids were fascinated. That night, I decided to look up some videos of owls on YouTube so they could see video of what they were hooting at. They watched intently as an owl used his sonar skills to find and attack a lemming under the snow somewhere.

It was really very neat, but they were apparently paying too much attention. When it was time to put Jordan to bed, she got scared and told me that she didn't want that owl to come into her bed. I told her that it was outside and couldn't come into our house.

Lawson prayed this prayer:
Dear God, Thank you for my mommy and my daddy and all the blessings you give us. And thank you for the owl in our trees, but please help him not to try to catch us and bite our toes because that might hurt. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Alisha said...

Oh, my! That is so funny! We had a similar experience with a frog last summer. I find myself having to watch very closely what I tell him because waking up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams is no fun. All that to say, it is so neat getting to teach your kid something new and give them new experiences. Just one of the many great things about being a mom of a preschooler!

Sunny said...

I think that is really cool that you guys have an owl outside! I bet Lawson and Jordan look and sound so cute when they "hoot" up at your owl.

I love Lawson's prayer. It is amazing what kids can pick up on!

Jamey said...

Have to protect those toes!!

I love the words of children.

jenna said...

Lawson's prayer cracks me up! That is so cute!!