Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Before we ever left for our Thanksgiving trip, I told Lawson that when we got back we would put up our Christmas decorations. They have been very "into" decorations lately, ever since we got out our Halloween and Fall stuff. I told him it would be time to put up our Scarecrows and pumpkins and get out our Snowmen and Santa Claus-es. The whole time we were gone, he kept asking me about it and reminding if he was so afraid I would forget.
When we got home Sunday at 5, he immediately asked Jon to get our stuff down. So, we did!!! We spent 3 hours going through our decorations and ornaments and stockings and Santa hats and putting up the tree. This is the first year both of them are SO excited about Christmas and everything that goes with it, and it was magical to see their faces when we started going through it all!
Mommy, look at all these decorations!!!!

"Where do we even start???"

Now here's some Christmas cheer for ya!

Cutting open the tree...apparently the only tape we could find last year was the shiny reflective electrical tape...

Well, if that isn't the cutest deer I've ever seen, I don't know what is!!! :)

Almost done...

Just like a kid...bored with the tree, so on to the box!! Who's in this box, you say?

Well, Lawson, of course!
And didn't you know?
A christmas tree box is much better suited to being a sled for the stairs than a box, anyways!

It can only last so long, though!
Guess we'll have to find a plastic tote big enough for the tree this year!!!

By 8pm, our tree was trimmed! Granted, the ornaments are bottom-heavy...but what can you expect? Our kids are only 3 feet tall!! :) To me, though, it's just beautiful!

I never grew up loving Christmas. I never got excited about Christmas. Jon always makes fun of me--when we first got married, he FORCED me to go out and buy decorations for the living room. He always tells me I'm a bah-humbug scrooge. He's probably been right! But not this year!! I am EXCITED! I couldn't wait to get our stuff out either! I couldn't wait to see their faces. I can't wait to see how excited they are--they know Santa's coming to their house!! For the first time for me, this Christmas is going to be...magical!!!


Alisha said...

Awe, I love this post! It's like the play-by-play of a fun Christmas memory. You tree looks very pretty. You guys are going to have so much fun celebrating!

jenna said...

Aww.. That is so cute! I love that they were so excited, and I love that your kids are bring such magic to your Christmas!! I don't know why, but I almost cried reading this post. Haha. I am so sentimental...

Jamey said...

I'm glad you're not a scrooge anymore. I still remember your tree the first year you were married...pitiful! :)

I love how kids bring the magic back to holidays.