Thursday, July 16, 2009

Water Babies

I shall just warn right now that there will be many posts about water activities this summer. Last year, Lawson wouldn't trust a floatie for anything, and Jordan screamed her head off is she so much as got splashed by a pool or sprinkler.

This year I was worried about how our water activities would go...I didn't want a repeat of last year, and my kids did not let me down! This year I think they have turned half-fish! We have been swimming, sprinkler-ing, water-park-ing...if they hear me talking about anything that is about water, they get so excited!

I pulled out the pool we bought last year, and they have had SO much fun just playing in the back yard! Jon and I have actually spent a couple Saturday mornings working on projects on the back patio while watching them swim and splash and play for 3-4 hours!

I think next year we will do some real swimming lessons to help them try to get even more confidence and maybe start to swim some on their own. Until then, though, I'm glad they have so much fun in just a foot and a half of water!
And how do I get my kids out of the pool without an amazing display of fits?
That's right, I bust out the popsicles!! Gotta love summertime!


Whitney said...

Soooo cute, Stacy! I love summer, too.


Love the one of Jordan in her float! They look like they're having so much fun! I do love summer and getting to be in the water and outside. Thanks for the new idea you gave me, too! Ben wants to take off a day, so that might be something fun for us to do as a family. We'll have to go one day together, too! :)

The Bowerman Blog said...

Awww... your kids are so sweet. So glad this summer has been a better one with the water. Looks like they love it now!