Friday, July 31, 2009

The Detroit Zoo

We were SO excited when my mom asked us if we thought the kids would enjoy going to the Detroit Zoo! This is the zoo I grew up going to, and I LOVE it! I was thrilled that we would all get to enjoy it together, with my mom and grandma. Here are the kids waiting in the ticket line...
Of course, another silly picture of Jordan! But so glad the kids get to spend the day with their grandmother and great-grandmother.

Playing on the frogs in front of the amphibian house
Both of my kids LOVE snakes! They loved the reptile house!
There are statues of animals everywhere for photo-ops and climbing!
The polar bear exhibit is relatively new...I haven't been here since I was a day camp counselor the summer of 2001 and I've never seen this one!
Warning...Polar Bear Rump coming up...sorry if this is graphic to anyone! We were going through the tunnel watching the seals swimming about when all of a sudden there was a big commotion at the other end of the tunnel. We headed up to see what the fuss was about, and one of the polar bears had found himself a perfect seat... right on top of the tunnel! That left us with this view (I put in the pic w/the most reflection so as not to be utterly inappropriate!):
Not to overwhelm with massive amounts of animal pictures from the zoo....but I do love the flamingos! These ones looked extra white and low on the pink, what do you think?
Sweet picture of Jordan and Gram
Lawson, Me, Babo, Grandma, and Jordan waiting to board the train
Like father, like son! Walking up to get in line for the train, both of my boys stopped dead in their tracks to watch a dinosaur documentary that was showing on the TVs in line...
In line for the train. Still.
Me and my hubs. Finally on the train.
My kids and their goofy faces!
Hope she got a better picture of them than I did!!!
This is funny....My mom had put her jacket in our wagon for storage. Well, I guess Jordan got bored and started rummaging about and found Mom's chapstick. And who doesn't feel the need to put on some chapstick when you find it? Too bad my mom puts on her chapstick after her lipstick!!!
We had an AWESOME day at the zoo!!! The weather was perfect and the kids acted great! We are so grateful that my Mom and Grandma treated us to such a special day!
This is what we looked like on the way back to the parking garage. If it had been 3 minutes longer, we would've had to wake them up!

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brooke said...

How fun. Cute pictures. We haven't taken our kids to the zoo in a long time. We need to do that soon!