Saturday, August 1, 2009

Michigan Mania

This is the last of the Michigan will be a random splash of all the extra bits and pieces of our trip.

At my brother's house, the kids slept on a pallet in the floor. This was their first time to not be on a bed or in their tents...just on blankets in the middle of the living room! They did great! I was so proud of how they fell asleep and how late they slept in the mornings! I snapped this one morning before I woke them up:
Another first on this trip was my kids' first Slurpees! In the Metro Detroit area there is a 7-11 store on almost every corner, and 7-11 stores have Slurpees! It's basically frozen pop, but it's what I grew up on so they are so yummy to me and I just have to get as many as I can when I'm up there! My kids had a couple on this trip, but here are their firsts...Lawson chose Coke, Jordan chose Watermelon. Jordan especially loved that there is a spoon on the end of the straw to help you get bites out!

We also always make time to visit with our friends, the Lawsons. They have always been so special to me, and now they have grown to be a special part of Jon and the kids' lives too! Spending time at their house is something we always look forward to!
Short background story...Right out of high school my brother lived with my parents for a while. A few years later, he bought a house in a nearby city. Just last year, he bought the house next door to the house we grew up in. I must say, pulling into the 'neighbor's' house instead of 'ours' was pretty weird....
Anyways...In the mornings I would get the kids up and ready, but Jon was spending a lot of time on the phone for work. A few times I took the kids out and let them ride their bikes on the driveway and sidewalk. The first time Lawson rode down the driveway and saw how long the sidewalk was he told Jon, "Daddy! That sidewalk goes a looooooooooooooong way!" (Sidewalks, by the way, are one thing I truly miss about the north. Every street up there has sidewalks on both sides.)
After my parent's divorce and selling the house, I never thought I would see my kids riding their bikes in front of my old house. Of course I had to snap a pic...
We really had the best time on our trip! The kids were old enough to thoroughly enjoy everything we did, and we really made the most of all of the short time we were up there! Jon and I both agree that this was our favorite Michigan trip yet, and we are both so glad we jumped at the opportunity to take a last-minute trip and make life-long memories!

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Jamey said...

That's neat that your kids are being entertwined into your history! It's all a big circle!