Monday, August 3, 2009

It doesn't have to be scary!!

When I posted the video of Jordan singing the other day I got several comments about the kids painting and how brave I was. I just wanted to do a post encouraging my mommy friends that painting with your kids doesn't have to be scary!!! It's easy to set up, easy clean-up, good for imaginations, has so many variations, and is SO fun!!

I have pulled out various types of paint out for the kids...and they love them all! I have also done several types of paper--construction, paper plates, etc. My latest favorite is rolled paper. It comes in a box like this:
And looks like this:

I just pull off a piece big enough to cover the table, and then they have a huge area to paint on, without worrying about messes!

Here is the paint I have...

but it doesn't really matter what kind of paint you use as long as it says this:

One day I let them do finger paints...I just put a few colors in a paper plate then let them go to town on the big paper...

I took this picture because Jordan had just gotten done asking me if she could have some more paint because she needed more (as she's rubbing it on her arms as if it were lotion)!!
The other day I was painting the cabinets in the dining room, and the kids wanted to I got out a piece of paper and some markers and stickers...
This past Wednesday started out pretty rainy, and the kids got so excited when I asked them if they wanted to paint. I got out some sponges I had bought and matched them up with paint.
I have really enjoyed having this paper this summer...and so have they:
When we are done, I just wash the sponges and brushes, then roll the paper up and toss it. (The certainly wouldn't make it into any museums anyways!) Easy clean-up! It comes easily off the kids, and if it does happen to get on the table
just wash with a wet cloth
and it's good as new!!!
Start painting everyone!!!


brooke said...

I'm glad you posted this. We paint sometimes but not near enough. It's inspiring. :) Love the big rolled paper...definitely need to get some of that. I've learned a lot.


Thanks for the tutorial! :) My mom actually mentioned how she loved Jordan singing, but she really loved how she was making a complete mess and it didn't seem to phase you one bit. You could teach a lot of us how to be more laidback about things like that. :) We do paint a lot, but haven't tried the big paper. Where did you get it? That's my next purchase and some sponges for sponge paint! :)

Jamey said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Avery HATES fingerpainting...she is like her daddy and does not like things on her hands that aren't supposed to be there! She does, however, love to paint with a brush. Braden is just now getting into the coloring bit so I need to get some paper and let them have at it!

Sunny said...

Love it! And your pictures!

I'm glad that you posted what kind of paint that you use. That is good to know!