Friday, August 21, 2009

Under the Sea

For her 3rd birthday party, Jordan chose Ariel. I thought this was fitting to symbolize this year....both of my kids love The Little Mermaid and all the songs on the soundtrack! We had her party up at church...I think the birthday girl had a blast!
Jordan and Ariel.
I drew decorations because I didn't think I could find what I had in mind. If I could've found it, I probably couldn't have afforded it!
Jordan loved opening her gifts! She stood right up on a chair like she was the star of the show and just started opening away!
She especially loved getting an Ariel! I thought it was so funny...after the 'party activities' were over, all the kids went out to the hallway and ran around playing with balloons. Jordan stayed back in the room, alone, with her Ariel. She was making her swim in the water and talk to Flounder!

It's always crazy to me how much planning goes into getting a birthday party ready! It's worth it, though, when the birthday girl walk in, scans the room, and gasps/sighs in wonder! Thanks to our friends who came and helped make it a great day!


jenna said...

What an awesome cake!! And awesome Little Mermaid party!! That movie was definitely a favorite in our house too! My baby sister especially loved it.... and still does. :)

Jamey said...

What a magical party! I'm sure she loved it! That cake is great...did you do that too? The decorations looked very good...clever lady you are!

Anonymous said...

love the decorations. one of my favorite birthday parties was an aladdin one, where, my parents didn't just buy a "kit" or cheesy decorations, but took the time and planned a scavenger hunt and did the decorations/games on their own. I know Jordan will definitel appreciate the time you put into those decorations! (and the cake is gorgeous!)

Jamie :)


It was a fun party! I was impressed by your handmade decorations and the cake, too. Super mom! :) I'm glad she had such a good time. Sorry again about the game that you got x 3. :) I meant to tell you that I never found the receipt. I hope you could trade it out.

Sunny said...

Jordan's party was really cute! You could see the pride and excitement on her face the entire party! And you really rocked that cake!