Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little bit of Lawson

Jon's parent's kept our kids in Oklahoma while we went to Honduras at the beginning of June. A couple months before we came Jon's mom told me that if I worked with Lawson and he learned his books of the Bible he could recite them for Ms. Loretta, who has been teaching the 4-5 year old class for years. If he could recite them all he would earn a certificate, but more importantly to him, she would bake him a cookie cake with his name on it.

I started one morning to say them, planning on having him repeat them to me...but he just started saying them with me! I didn't even know it, but his Wednesday night Bible class teachers had been teaching them all quarter! He was already able to get to about Jeremiah before I even knew he was learning them!

Anyways, we kept working on them and when he was in Oklahoma he did a great job reciting them in class. I wanted to share these pictures of that day, along with a video memory I made so I can have him saying all 66 books at 4 1/2. I want to say a huge thanks to Ms. Margy and Ms. Neila who first started teaching him to recite them! Also, thanks to Ms. Loretta for making this accomplishment so special to Lawson!


Grandma K said...

Lawson deserves a gold star. He is my star pupil! Can't believe our year is over already.

Jamey said...

Yeah for Lawson! What a big boy!

jenna said...

That is incredible!!! And he pronounces them all so perfectly, up until 'rebalations' that is. :) Tell Lawson that I am so so so proud of him!