Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Making of the Cakes

I have gotten several comments on Jordan's cake...thought I would post about it! I have decided that from now on I am going to try to make an "All-Out Cake" for my kids' birthdays! Growing up, I remember my mom creatively coming up with all kinds of cakes for us, from trains with Life-Saver wheels, to Cookie Monster with big marshmallow eyes...and even more! I love the thoughtfulness behind that, and the creativity factor is right up my alley!

I bought both of my kids 1st bday cakes, and Jordan's 2nd, but other than that I have made their cakes and/or cupcakes so far! I am certainly no professional--but the onslaught of cake-making shows on cable tv that my DVR now picks up for me, has somehow deluded me...for some reason I think I can hold my own! They're not gonna win any awards...but as long as the kids love 'em, it's good enough for me!

This was Lawson's 3rd bday, Little Einsteins. Made a Rocket cake.
Lawson's 4th bday, Spiderman.
For Jordan's cake, we started baking early on a Friday morning. The kids were so excited about helping!! They love to help me cook/bake whatever the daily project is! (As you can see, they had gotten into J's hair accessories box..they are both adorned with barrettes!!)
I had googled some ideas for cakes initially, but ended up making something up...I bought the decoration kit from Walmart then built the cake to put Ariel on. I used 4 cakes mixes--2 strawberry and 2 chocolate, Jordan's picks.
The many colors of icing. I 'sculpted' a place for her to sit because I saw it on Amazing Wedding Cakes. How hard can it be, really?
Decorating... By now, it was about 4:30 in the afternoon...
And putting on the final touches at the party... Jordan LOVED her cake!
I can't wait--I am so excited about the tradition of making their cakes, and trying to make their birthdays as special as possible!

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Whitney said...

Stacy, I am thoroughly impressed!