Monday, January 25, 2010

31 and countin'

My 31st birthday was on Sunday this year, and we went to Red Robin. This is the first year I haven't chosen Olive Garden, but dinner was still so good! I love this picture of Lawson...winking is his new trick and he loves to wink at all the right times...while waving at someone who's walking by, or apparently while getting a picture made with his freshly-older mommy. :)I didn't get a great picture of Jordan and Jon, but here's a picture of him feeding her strawberries out of his Freckled Lemonade. Her puffy cheeks make me laugh!
And because it's my birthday I am allowed to put this picture on here, because it makes me laugh SO MUCH!!! Jon had just looked up at the TV and was in the middle of a cough at the same time, but it looks like something horrific is flying right toward us! SO funny!
I had such a good birthday, spent worshiping God and spending time with my family. What better way is there to ring a new age? :)

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