Monday, January 18, 2010

A little bit squirrely

Sunday I went to wake Lawson up to get ready for church. When he woke up, he asked me who was knocking on his door. I told him I didn't know what he was talking about--I hadn't heard anything. We went on downstairs to have breakfast.

A little while later, I went back up to his room to grab his belt and heard a scratching at the window. I couldn't imagine what it was, but when I looked out the blinds I gasped and called Jon up.
A squirrel had chewed through the screen, and was gnawing on the wood trying to chew through the window!!! Jon tapped the glass and he scurried out. Five minutes later I was in my bedroom (right next door) and the squirrel was trying to chew into our window! It kept going back and forth between the two windows, trying to gnaw in. I was getting so paranoid. I was terrified that we were going to come home from church and there were going to be a hundred squirrels exercising free reign in the house.

Jon went out in the yard, in the rain, with a BB gun and shot the squirrel in the booty. Good thing he's a good shot, or I would've been cleaning up some glass!!
I guess we hadn't realized that we had forgotten to put the storm glasses down to protect the screens. Jon put them down, and now I don't have to have nightmares of sharing my home with furry-tailed rodents!!
What a crazy morning!

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