Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shootin' the breeze

When Jon's parents came for Lawson's birthday they brought Jon's old BB gun from when he was a little boy. Saturday afternoon Jon decided to get it out and show Lawson. They decided to set up target practice in my dining room. Lawson was so excited...we got out some foam animal stickers and made some targets for them to shoot at, while Jon printed a few off the computer. An old sleeping bag box served as the buffer to protect the cabinets behind the target.

Here is Jon teaching Lawson how to aim...

And he got a hit!!
They shot together for over an hour, and Lawson LOVED it! I'm excited that Lawson is getting old enough to do some 'big boy' things with Jon. Watching this day was a privilege for me, and I'm glad I have this memory in my mind.

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