Friday, January 8, 2010

The Snowstorm of 2010

January 7th we had been forecast to receive 3-5 inches of snow. I didn't tell the kids, because everytime we are forecast snow we never receive any. I didn't get my hopes up. However, when we got up the kids saw a little white and got SO excited!!!

I'm telling ya, this was after the last of it had fallen. Pretty pitiful, isn't it? I hear other parts of North Alabama got a lot more, but for us, this was for sure not to be classified a storm. More like a sneeze of snow. :)
Regardless of how little snow there was, the kids still wanted to get out in it, and had a pretty good time. For a while, that is.
So, Jordan didn't like the snowball part...
Lawson went over to the trampoline, where we had the most accumulation, and build a snow mountain.
I think I have a consistent track record of opinion on the temperature, and it's pretty evident that I'm not a fan of cold, wintery weather. I am thankful, though, that we are blessed to have all of the seasons here. My kids really did have a blast playing outside that freezing cold day. It really is amazing to me how my yard has it's own personality each season--boasting daffodils in the spring, azaelas in the summer, pine needles in the fall can even be beautiful in the dead of winter when God puts some snow on it!

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Sunny said...

Cute pictures! I've loved reading your posts. You've been busy!