Thursday, March 12, 2009


When we went Trick-or-Treating, the kids got several coupons for free bowling games in their buckets. One day in January we were feeling the need to get out of the house and Jon suggested we use the coupons to go bowling. We checked the tickets, and that particular day was the last day we could use them before they expired!!!

We quickly got ready to get out in the cold and drove over to the bowling alley! The kids had just seen a Curious George episode about bowling, so they knew what it was and were VERY excited when we told them what we were going to do!!!

There was NO ONE in the alley when we got there except the worker guy. It only cost us $6 for 3 shoe rentals--he gave us Jordan's for free. Then we went down to our lane. I got the kids cute little ugly bowling shoes on while Jon went on the hunt for the lightest balls in the building!!

They had so much fun bowling! They used the guide rail and bumpers most of the time, which my mind kept telling me was cheating, but it is so much more fun for them when they actually hit pins everytime!!! They did do a few times rolling it on their own--definitely more successful with the guide, though!

Of course, Miss Independent insisted on carrying her own ball and putting it on the rail BY HERSELF...with no help!!! On the Curious George episode, the Man in the Yellow Hat kept drying his hands over the fan. Lawson knew just what this was as soon as he saw it, so he dried his hands off after every turn!!!
Lawson was into bowling for the whole time we were there. He would take every turn we gave him! Jordan, however started to get bored with it. She busied herself with other things, though, so we let her wander around as long as we could see her. Lawson, in the meantime started doing double duty--bowling his turns and hers!!
Discovering the computer...

Taking a rest...

Then, completely on her own idea, she got out the wipes and started wiping down EVERYTHING!!! I couldn't complain--who knows when the last time this stuff got wiped down!!! :)
We really had a fun time taking the kids on their first bowling trip!! We finished the night off with cheap pizza at CiCis!!! Good memories! Here is the scoreboard after their first time to go bowling, though it's not completely accurate due to a little bit of turn-swapping!!! :)


Joy said...

Cute pics! Bowling is definitely one of our faves! Love your little clean-freak...that is too funny!

And, I want to come play on the is awesome! Your handy-man came through BIG time :)

Jamey said...

How much fun! I know that will be something you all will remember for a long time...and the best part: it was cheap!

Remember when we almost joined a league in Searcy? We bowled every Wednesday night after church!


P.S. In the pic with Jordan at the computer, it looks like she has an ashtray nearby in case she needs it! :)

Alisha said...

Aww! What a fun family night! It is fun that our kids are getting old enough to start doing those kinds of things. I think it is hilarious that Jordan was giving the place a wipe down! You know it needed it!